5 February 2017

Airtel Users Get Rs 15/Month Lifetime FREE from Airtel Itself

Airtel Reward tune : Get dialer tone with 15 rs free recharge every Month.

Airtel launched a Special Caller tune offer and According to this latest offers Customers will get 15 rs free mobile recharge Each month by Activating Airtel Reward tune.
This Free Dialer tone offer is valid for all Indian Airtel Prepaid mobile subscribers. The most important term of this plan is You won’t be charged single rupees. Company also offering Rs 15 Recharge Every month.
Just you need to Activate Airtel Reward tune and you will be rewarded rs 15 each month . Amazing Plan is’t it ?
So friends if want To Subscribe Free Airtel caller tune then you just have to Follow the Steps that I am going to mention below.

How to Activate Airtel Reward tune

  1. First and Most important You have to dial 50080 number from your Airtel prepaid Mobile number.
  2. Now you have to Select Your language & Press 5 to activate the service.
  3. All steps is done at your end For Activation . Service will be activate Shortly .
  4. You will Receive a Confirmation message .

Why Airtel offers 15 rs per month ?

This telecom Company will Reward you maximum 15 rs Every month until this Service is activate on your mobile number . Its works on Simple rule company offers you 5 paisa Free talk time each time when Some hear the Reward tune for more then 5 second.
Amount will be Calculated and each month it will be credited to your main account balance.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This Service i available only for Airtel Prepaid customers not for Postpaid subscribers.
  2. They Reserves the right to reverse back this offer any time without giving any Prior notice.
  3. Users will be rewarded for those calls where the Caller listens your Tune more then 5 seconds.
  4. Amount will be credited as Main account balance on next day , for Example if you earn 5paisa today then this amount will be credited to your account next day.

20 November 2016

Hi are you search for ATM for Cash now check Cash Available or Not by using below link

Hi guys,

Please click below link and wait 5 Seconds after then click skip ad then it will ask your area pincode. you will get all ATMs list in your area with Cash or No Cash or Long Waiting.

ATM Cash Available Check 

22 October 2016

Free calling & Message without installing app

Hi Please click below link through your mobile or laptop. This site works on
Google Chrome after opening you will get small ad then you will get site on this site yow can select call or sms after selecting call you need to change country then you call any no by using Head-Phones. After 3mins its automatically disconnect then you try same thing no limit.

Site Link : Free Calling

Online Typing & earn income Indian Govt Site

Hi, guys the below site is govt site on this site you need to register buy using your aadhar card and then simply typing small words you will get each word 10Paisa to 20Paisa. I am tried with in 30min you can type 100 to 200 words.

The site link : digitize

20 October 2016


Any help contact on whatsup on this no: 8106108886

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Note :-
(1) Each Pack valid for 12 Months.
(2) You won't get any Link on Saturday and Sunday. 
(3) Facebook account is required.
(4) All Payments are maid using bank account only and PAN Card is Required
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Marketing strategy :-
Now You can Maximize you income with below Marketing Strategies if you want.
A) Booster Income:
If you make two joining of same Plan as yours (One Each Side, left and right), Then you will get Double Links and your Per Day Income will be Doubled.e.g , After Booster you get.
1. 5750= 10*2 Links, daily 20x5=Rs 100 daily(Approx ₹26400 per year)
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3. 28625= 50*2 Links daily, 100X5=Rs 500 daily(Approx ₹132000 per year)
4. 57250=125*2 Links daily 250X5=Rs 1250 daily(Approx ₹330000 per year)
(B) Binary Income:
For Each 1:1 Matching you get 10%.
You will get 10% of the Matching bonus from your left and right.
If you make Rs 10,000/- business on your left and right then you will get Rs 1,000/-
Same way if you make Rs 50,000 /- business on both left and right side, you will get Rs. 5,000/-
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There is a weekly capping for each pack as below.
1. 5750 - ₹50,000
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3. 28,750 - ₹2,00,000
4. 57,500 - ₹2,00,000
(C) Monthly Rewards:
10 BV L : 10 BV R = LDP
25 BV L : 25 BV R = Tablet
120 BV L : 120 BV R = LAPTOP
And on and on..............
Note :- 10,000₹ business is called 1 BV
(D) Royalty Income:
500 BV L : 500 BV R = 50,000/- pm
2000 BV L : 2000 BV R =1,00,000/- pm
5000 BV L : 5000 BV R = 2,00,000/-pm
10000 BV L :10000 BV R = 5,00,000/- pm
25000 BV L : 25000 BV R =10,00,000/-pm
Royalty Income is Per month for 1 Year.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
10% TDS will be deducted from the income you get.
Payout will go direct to your linked bank.
Note:- For Daily payout 5% , Weekly Payout 3% and Monthly Payout 1% Admin fees will be charged extra.

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Complete 2 sales in 1:1 ratio in 20 days and get chance to double your part time work i.e double your income
Marketing Model
Binary model , which is based on 1:1 ratio
10% of the sales balancing is rewarded as binary or promotional income
1. Purely service based industry
2. Taxable Invoice
3. TDS submission on time
4. No e-wallet
5. Payment Modes : NEFT
6. All legal documents ( PAN, Service Tax Number, TAN, ROC)
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भारत की एकमात्र सोशल मीडिया एक्सचेंज प्रोग्राम कंपनी।
जहाँ पर कंपनी का उद्देश्य है अपने ग्राहकों (Clients) को उनकी वेबसाइट पर अधिक से अधिक ट्रैफिक(filter/customize deta) प्रदान करना।
जहां पर हम केवल लाईक करके या वेबसाइट्स के लिंक पर क्लिक करके रोज़ाना कमा सकते हैं ₹50 सेलेकर ₹ 625 तक।
अगर नेटवर्क बना सकते हैं तो अपार संभावनाएं आपका इंतजार कर रही हैं।
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Joining Packages:-
1. 5750= 10 likes daily, 10x5=50 Rs daily earning
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वह भी लगातार 12 महीने तक के लिये।।
Note :-
सभी पैकेज 12 महीने तक वैध।
शनिवार रविवार छुट्टी।
(3) Facebook account 
होना अनिवार्य।
सभी प्रकार का लेन देन बैंक माध्यम द्वारा हीं होगा। PAN card अनिवार्य है।
Marketing strategy :-
बूस्टर इंकम
आप अपने जैसे दो वर्करों को इस बिजनेस में अपने निचे लेफ्ट और राईट ज्वाईन करवाते हैं तो आपके पासआने वाले लाइक्स् की संख्या डबल हो जाती है।
आपकी आमदनी भी।
बाइनरी इंकम :
की मैचिंग पर 10% है
आपके लेफ्ट और राईट के मेचिंग बिजनेस का 10% आपका कमिशन होगा 
अगर आपके लेफ्ट में 10,000 का बिजनेस होता है और राईट में भी 10,000 का बिजनेस होता है तो आपकीबाइनरी इंकम 1,000/- ₹ होगी।
अगर दोनों तरफ 25,000 का बिजनेस होता है तो आपकी बाइनरी इंकम 2,000 ₹ होगी।
कैपिंग :
ज्वाईनिंग विकली कैपिंग
1. 5725 
₹ 50,000 ₹
2. 11,450 
₹ 1,00,000 ₹
3. 28,625 
₹ 2,00,000 ₹
4. 57,250 
₹ 2,00,000 ₹
अधिकत्तम बाइनरी इंकम आठ लाख महिना हो सकती है।
मंथली रिवार्डस् :
10 BV L : 10 BV R = LDP
25 BV L : 25 BV R = Tablet
50 BV L : 50 BV R = Foreign Trip
And on and on..............
Note : 10,000
₹ के बिजनेस को 1 BV कहते हैं।
D. Royality Income :
500 BV L : 500 BV R = 50,000/- pm
2000 BV L : 2000 BV R =1,00,000/- pm
5000 BV L : 5000 BV R = 2,00,000/-pm
10000 BV L :10000 BV R = 5,00,000/- pm
25000 BV L : 25000 BV R =10,00,000/-pm
Royality Income is Per month
पेआऊट मोड तीन हैं।
रोजाना , विकली और मंथली
5% TDS 
पेआऊट डायरेक्टली आपके बैंक खाते में आएगा 
Note : 
डेली पेआऊट पर 5% , विकली पेआऊट पर 3% तथा मंथली पेआऊट पर 1% एडमिन चार्ज कटेगा।
अगर आप जेनुइन काम करना चाहते है तो
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उपर वाले लिंक पर क्लिक करके फ्री में ज्वाईनिंग कर सकते हैं।
आई.डीएक्टिव करवाने के लिए मुझे काॅल करें 

9 October 2016

Today i am telling one crowd funding site that is : http://www.onlinesensor.com/gsvr89

this very good site you can check reviews on google & http://www.scamadviser.com/.

in this site total 7 Levels are there on first level you contribute just 5dollars (INR 325/- ) only. after joining you refer 4 member they also pay 325/- i.e: 4x325/- = 1300. after joining 4 member you successful completed your level. Now you upgrade Level 2 for upgrading you need to contribute 650/- for ur reffered member & 130/- site maintenance charges in these level 16x650/- you will get. like these it will go's upto level7.

Any one interested please go through this link and you can join : http://www.onlinesensor.com/gsvr89

18 February 2016

World Cheapest Smartphone with 3G


The world’s cheapest 3G smartphone, launched by an Indian firm, will cost only Rs 251.Ringing Bells, a Noida-based outfit, on Wednesday launched the highly affordable smartphone, Freedom 251, at the hands of Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. The company had last year launched one of India’s cheapest 4G smartphone at Rs 2,999.
The booking for the smartphone will begin at 6.00 am on Thursday (February 18) and go on till 8.00 pm, February 21 – on the freedom251.com website.
The smartphone has a 4-inch display, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage (expandable up to 32GB), 3.2-megapixel back camera, 0.3-megapixel front camera, and a 1450mAh battery.The phone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system and offers 3G support for Internet browsing. It is pre-loaded with apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and some that are useful for women, farmers, etc. The phone also comes with a 1-year warranty.
Smartphones are available in the Indian market for as low as Rs 1,500. There have also been reports that said that efforts were on by Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Communications for only Rs 999.
The Economic Times reported that Ringing Bells is likely to begin assembling the smartphone handsets in Phase-I and ‘aims at full indigenous development of the feature-rich smartphones’. No other details were disclosed. The launch of this phone is likely to severely disrupt the booming Indian mobile phone market. Even as the phone was launched, reports said that the Indian Cellular Association has expressed is shock at the idea of a smartphone being sold at Rs 251.
The ICA has reportedly written to the Union Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and appealed to the government to get ‘into the depth of the issue’ as the telecom body believes that the rate of smartphone cannot be less than Rs 3,500 even after a subsidised sale.
Website : freedom251